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KiwiRig’s most powerful computer built with the most exceptional materials and premium parts available to us. Mana has an unique meaning in the Maori language which is the native language here in New Zealand otherwise known as Aoetearoa.

noun – prestige, authority, control, power, influence, status, spiritual power, charisma – mana is a supernatural force in a person, place or object. Mana goes hand in hand with tapu, one affecting the other.

KiwiRig want’s you to feel confident when buying from us. We have a prepared a friendly, readable and visual manual that will explain the anatomy of a Mana computer to you.

Don’t forget! Technology is always improving and changing every day. KiwiRig is competitive and want’s to meet new needs for our customers as soon as their available. Keep up to date with the latest changes to our works of art and submit any suggestions to our services for Mana here.