Vulpes Aeternus Guild Ranking Guide

We encourage guild mates to rank up in Vulpes Aeternus. At he bottom of this page you will find an application form to rank up in the guild. This information will only be seen and reviewed by the Guild Master or Officers of Vulpes Aeternus.

Newbies – Entry level

This is the entry level rank to the guild and is standard for all new guild mates until we have gotten to know you or we see some participation in the guild. Try get involved with questing, farming, pledges, random battlegrounds and dungeons. The only permissions at this rank is to join guild chats, deposit in guild bank and read member notes.

Mates – Verified

This rank is given to those that have shown participation in the guild. Basically it means we have met you and are waiting for you to contact us for testing (dps,tank,healer) so you can get more involved with end game veteran content like Craglon trials, DLC progressions, Dragon Star Arena and Bloodrose Prison. Testing is important so we can see where you are at and help you improve. Please be aware that we will choose tested players over untested players for progression runs and harder content so show initiative!

Veteran – Tested

Veteran rank is given to those that have proven to an Admin, Risen or the Guild Master that they are trial ready for verteran ranked DLC content and trials. To rank up further than Veteran is to get more involved with Vulpes Aeternus.

Admin – Trusted Allys

At this level you have been trusted with responsibility in the guild, so please take it seriously. Admins have permissions to demote, promote and remove members. Admins are experienced trusted members so please contact one of these ranked members for testing, help/enquiries. Admins also gain permissions to edit the message of the day and about us sections.

Risen – Officer

Risen ranked players are officers of the guild and are the Guild Master’s most trusted and valued members of the guild. Without these players Vulpes Aeternus wouldn’t be the same. Risen members are the most involved in the guild and hold resposibilites to keep the guild interesting and running. You will find a lot of Risen members provide benefits to the guild and will be master crafters, have crafting station/mundus stones/testing dummies at their primary residence, can teach rotations, offer build advice and so on.

Fawkes – Guild Master

Please be nice and help each other, remember it’s a game so have fun!

– Vexalogix (PSN – Fawkes35)

Rank-up Application Form: