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Thank you for considering donating, all contributions are appreciated, but not expected! Please choose from the options below if you wish to donate to our cause.

We’re raising money for an RV or camper of some kind. We’ve been living in our sedan of a car for a year and it’s beginning to take a toll. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health have all taken a hit. We’re just a couple of hippie, soul searching kids looking to live a life of freedom! We have no regrets living on the road, but we feel like we need to make progress. This experience has changed us and made us better in the most beautiful way. It is now time to move on. We know we can get a cheap van or RV for this amount or less. ANYTHING bigger than our little sedan will be an improvement *sigh*! Also, if anyone just has what we’re looking for and wants to donate the actual rv/camper to us, that would be ideal! Thank you for anything you have to give! We love you and appreciate you all!