About KULA GAMES   EV SSL Certified

KULA GAMES LIMITED is a company registered in New Zealand and is the first online store for in-game items to provide complete security of your purchase. We are EV SSL Certified, and this is the highest security level for a website. It is evidenced by the appearance of the green security information in the browser address bar, from where you can discover who you are really buying from.

If you don't see the green security information in the address bar for a site this means the site has not met the 'Extended Validation' standards which were developed to ensure you know exactly who you are doing business with. Basic SSL certification that shows a padlock only indicates that information you send to the site is encrypted, but it does not mean you are not sending your data to a firm running a 'phishing' scam, because they can keep their true identity secret. With Kula Games you can trace us through government agencies and third party agencies and know who is responsible for contracts formed through the Kula Games website. If you like, you can think of our EV SSL Certification as proof of our intention to adhere to the law and to honour our contracts.

Kula Games was established to provide you the best customer experience when you buy Neverwinter PS4 Items and buy ESO PS4 Items. We pay fair prices to our expert gatherers and deliverers, and keep our margins way down, to ensure you get the cheapest prices on the net. We provide live stock data on our shop so you know what we really have, and provide fast delivery of all purchases – within 24 hours by arrangement. Because of our fanatical customer focus and great prices, this is a rapidly growing business and we plan to cater to other and new games in the near future.

Our Focus Is On Our Customers

KULA GAMES has admins available 24/7 for you. We have particular expertise in Neverwinter PS4 Items and ESO PS4 Items (Elder Scrolls Online). We will always know what’s new and what’s coming soon, and we can provide you with A+++ advice. We help a lot of players every day and will answer any questions. If you are unsure of the best Neverwinter PS4 items for your build we can guide you in the right direction with your character.

We have dedicated admins for managing online sales, marketing, customer service and deliveries. We have moderators to help us during busier times, and a great team of gatherers that work hard to keep items stocked.

Our real-time stock records mean that if our site displays that we have stock, you can buy the item knowing that it is in stock and ready for delivery. We have never had a customer order not available for immediate delivery.

Customer Feedback About KULA GAMES

If you are unsure about trying us out, you can take a look at the reviews posted by our customers, and we highly recommend you join us on ‘BAND’ - an application you can download to your phone. Create an account, search in BAND for ‘Neverwinter KULA PS4’ and request to join. You can also use BAND on your desktop and log in from there, by visiting band.us/@nwpaps4. This will give you access to chat with the KULA GAMES customers that participate there, and read the many existing posts that talk about their experiences with KULA GAMES. This way you get the straight truth direct from our customers about what you can expect when you buy from us.

BAND is also the best way to stay in touch with KULA GAMES, because you can send us a message via BAND at any time and your message will be instantly received by one of our admins. We have admins in 3 time zones to provide 24 hour cover to respond to you.

Secure Payments With Buyer Protection At KULA GAMES Online Stores

To be able to take secure instant online payments from around the world, we use Paypal as our merchant service provider. This means you can use Paypal to pay us, but you can alternatively use a secure online Paypal page to pay us with a credit card without needing to use a Paypal account. The benefit to you is that you know that the transaction is being handled by a trusted merchant service provider, and KULA GAMES never sees your sensitive financial details. KULA GAMES covers the Paypal and Credit Card payment fees. This payment method also means you retain the buyer protection offered by Paypal and by your credit card provider, for any dispute resolution.

PS4 Items Online Stores

Visit our Neverwinter PS4 Item Store, or our ESO PS4 Item Store, to see what we have for you and see our low pricing. Any items you buy will be available for delivery within 24 hours, by arrangement. If you have any questions about any item or how it will be delivered to you, contact us or send us a message in BAND.

Who We Are

299 Rosetta Road
Raumati Beach
Paraparaumu 5032
New Zealand