KULA GAMES offers you the first online store for in-game items with EV SSL Certification. EV SSL Certification not only means the information you send to us is encrypted, but also that the identity of KULA GAMES LIMITED, its shareholders and directors have been verified and vetted. We don't hide who we are because we have nothing to hide.

Before buying elsewhere, always check for the green security information in your browser's address bar, to make sure your purchases are safe. EV SSL Certification means you know exactly who you are buying from. See our About page for more details about KULA GAMES.

On top of this KULA GAMES uses the hosted Ecwid Ecommerce system with Paypal payments. This means KULA GAMES never sees your sensitive financial details - it only goes to Ecwid and Paypal. If you are worried about a shopping site stealing your financial credentials, make sure a trusted third-party handles your payment data. You also get Paypal buyer protection on every purchase at KULA GAMES. Plus if you can buy an item on our site it means we are guaranteed to have it in stock and ready for delivery within 24 hours by arrangement.

We thought it was about time gamers could buy in-game items with the service quality and security they deserve.

KULA GAMES aims for 100% customer satisfaction. As evidence of our commitment to customer service see the selected customer feedback shown below, visit our Reviews page to see all feeedback, see our Player Auctions Feedback, or see the reviews posted on our Facebook page. Our service is highly-acclaimed by our customers and the KULA GAMES team are fully committed to keeping it that way.

If you have a problem with any aspect of KULA GAMES service or website, please do not hesitate to Contact Us and we will put it right. We are totally customer focused and so telling us about any problem or dissatisfaction is the best way for you to get it fixed and for KULA GAMES to know how to improve our service for all customers. So please appreciate that, as nice as it is to get all of the great feedback from our customers, we really want to hear from you if something goes wrong or is not what you expected.

KULA GAMES Limited is a company registered in New Zealand, and is led by Chief Executive and Founder Jessica Jenkins. Our offices are located at 299 Rosetta Road, Raumati Beach, Paraparaumu, New Zealand. We began by trading Neverwinter PS4 items at Player Auctions, and realised that gamers lacked a trusted, secure and customer focused organisation to provide them with well-priced in-game items with a high level of customer service.

Many organisations selling in-game items have poor reputations and many gamers report being ripped-off by them. So KULA GAMES decided to do something about it. We appreciate that the game owners may not be happy about trading outside of their games, but it is a simple fact that trading of in-game items does occur outside of their games, and it is in everybody's interests that this trading is done honestly, securely and with a customer-focused ethos.