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Become a KULA Farmer

KULA Games is a fast growing business and we need reliable and disciplined people with a keen interest and knowledge of online games. If you are a great gamer, and want to earn money from just playing online games, then you should contact KULA Games about becoming a KULA Farmer - harvesting in-game items for one of our Game Managers, or for one of our KULA Vendors. Our focus has been on creating a great shopping experience for our customers, and in our first 10 months of operation we have limited the number of games and platforms covered. Now that we have launched the new KULA Games website and all of our processes are mature, our focus is shifting towards increasing the games and platforms we cover. We have Game Managers ready to lead the processes for a number of games and platforms, so please appreciate that we are interested in Farmers for a much wider range of games and platforms than we currently cater for.

KULA Farmers are independent contractors to KULA Games Limited or to a KULA Vendor. Each Game Manager or KULA Vendor is provided with some degree of exclusivity. For example, a Vendor may be the exclusive supplier of in-game items for a single game (or multiple games) on a single platform (or multiple platforms). To earn this exclusivity, a Vendor needs to continuously provide the quantity and range of items demanded by KULA customers, at competitive prices. To meet these requirements a Game Manager or KULA Vendor may need to engage farmers to harvest in-game items.

Becoming a KULA Farmer provides you with an income from just playing online games, provided you can play online games very well. There is no limit to your potential income and a skilled farmer can make enough to quit their day job and live off the income. KULA Games insulates you from the end customer, from the sales, payment and delivery functions, and from market demand requirements placed on Game Managers and KULA Vendors. And KULA Games is completely focused on providing a world-class shopping experience for its customers.

What is absolutely paramount is that you are reliable and honest. KULA Games provides goods and services that its customers can get elsewhere. Everything that KULA Games does is focused on ensuring we provide the best possible experience for our customers. We are passionate about that and, as a KULA Farmer, we will need to be able to rely on you to complete tasks that have been discussed and agreed with you.

If you are a great gamer and would like to make a living from playing online games, please get in touch. We don't need you to fill out any forms. Just use one of our contact methods - see our Contact page - to get in touch and start the conversation.