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Become A KULA Vendor

KULA Games is focused on two things. A great, secure shopping experience for buyers. And the perfect way for professional and reliable individuals to make their living as a Vendor. But you don't have to be a gamer. You might, for example, provide game merchandise or any other good or service that gamers might wish to buy through KULA Games. Our focus has been on creating a great shopping experience for our customers, and in our first 10 months of operation we have limited the number of games and platforms covered. Now that we have launched the new KULA Games website and all of our processes are mature, our focus is shifting towards increasing the games and platforms we cover. So we will be allocating new exclusive KULA Vendor positions over the coming months. Act early to secure the most popular positions.

KULA Vendors are independent of KULA Games Limited and have their own businesses. Each KULA Vendor is provided with some degree of exclusivity. For example, a Vendor may be the exclusive supplier of in-game items for a single game (or multiple games) on a single platform (or multiple platforms). To earn this exclusivity, a Vendor needs to continuously provide the quantity and range of items demanded by KULA customers, at competitive prices.

Your role as a KULA Vendor of in-game items enables you to remain anonymous because KULA Games is your sales agent, and KULA Games provides delivery assurance and money back guarantees to customers. You can do the item farming yourself, or engage farmers to harvest items for you. KULA Games receives approaches from farmers wishing to work for KULA Games and we can direct these enquiries to you if you wish. Becoming a KULA Vendor brings you sales. KULA Games insulates you from the end customer and from the sales, payment and delivery functions. And KULA Games is completely focused on providing a world-class shopping experience for its customers.

Customer payments are made direct to KULA Games. KULA Games deducts its commission from the payment and the remaining funds, after third-party transaction fees, are paid to Vendors once the customer has received the item or items, and the transaction is complete.

What is absolutely paramount is that you have a customer service ethos. KULA Games provides goods and services that its customers can get elsewhere. Everything that KULA Games does is focused on ensuring it provides the best possible experience for its customers. We are passionate about that and, as a KULA Vendor, you will be required to be passionate about continually meeting demand from KULA customers too.

If you would like to become a KULA Vendor, please get in touch. We don't need you to fill out any forms. Just use one of our contact methods - see our Contact page - to get in touch and start the conversation.