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Every word of every piece of feedback received from our website customers on this page.

"Pretty damn good experience"

"Great experience! Will be coming Back for more."

"Best web page I have ever come across to buy in-game items."

"So happy this site is now up. Best prices out there!"

"Amazing sellers with super fast delivery"

"The best source and item for Neverwinter PS4. The price is reasonable and fast delivery. Thanks again. Keep up with good work!! "

"Best site out there. I have never felt so comfortable buying from an outside vendor. Will recommend everyone who is on the market! Keep it up everyone. You guys are awesome. "

"Can't get better than this!"

"Love it I've done business with this merchant before and I love the new site keep up the good work!"

"You can't find a better merchant I don't even know how many purchases I've made but I'm a happy customer "

"There good and friendly"

"Will only recommend this site to friends. #1 customer service and competitive prices. "

"A+ service, delivery same afternoon. 10/10 will shop again!"

"A return customer ... the best Online Game selle ever.. Thanks Kula Games.. "

"Very fast, very good. Will come back again! "

"Awesome will never switch to another vendor no stress with the best!"

"Amazing sellers!"

"The best at what they do. Fast delivery, best prices, friendly service. "

"Hope you can refill other items fast"

"Thank you guys for being true to the orders and i highly recommend this site to anyone that is wanting to get good deals."

"Very fast delivery!"

"Love love love you guys awesome service couldnt ask for anything better"

"I was a new player when I first got in touch with the owners of this site. Since I have jumped up the leader board and can go through any dungeon with ease. Prices are more then fair. Customer service is on point. Extremely friendly. We all know these games are pay to win and if that's the option you want to take this is by far your best option. "

"Top rate people and stand by there word. Highly recommended and very friendly. Thank you again fellas!!"

"As always super fast service and a beautiful easy website to use!"

"Quick and easy!"

"Always a pleasure doing business with them!"

"Super fast delivery!! And the politeness of the said deliverer was second to none. Delivery was sent within the hour. 2 hours tops. "

"Best service time and time again!"

"Honest folks at they word, great business and very professional "

"The best ever"

"There is no better service always on time and satisfaction is guaranteed "

"They are awesome"

"With customer service like this I hope they're here to stay"

"Great communication and swift delivery like usual. You can't go wrong!"

"Incredible service!"

"keep doing a good job, I don´t know if you have it, but a way to gain discount cupon from time to time will be nice. Great deal and fast delivery. Awesome."

"Time and time again it is perfection. Affordable, precise, fast. You would be missing out not using this site as your main go to for everything you need for your game. They have my 100% trust and commitment."

"I will bet you a leg pack there is no better service I love these guys at KULA games"

"Perfect service"

"I love this site, there is nobody better"

"Great experience and I will be buying again."

"Brilliant service thanks!! Highly recommended."


"People love free things. Even a small gesture. Something tiny as a gift every time keeps my customer base happy. It's psychological. There's some strange reason when you get something for free no matter how insignificant given to you as a gift or a token of appreciation it pays dividends in the long run. Thank you for being here! I appreciate your service."


"Simply the best website there is!"

"I work 60 hours a week and just don't have time to grind like I used to. Having the availability to work an hour and flip that income into in-game growth is wonderful. As a husband and father I just don't have time like I used to play games. Thank you thank you thank you for being here. The game is fun again because of you."

"Keep up the excellent work! I d love some more products"

"I am usually anxious about buying game items online because most of my experiences I never get what I ordered and I don't even get a refund. These guys are the best!! Fastest delivery and they give you such a sense of security! If anyone here is worried about these guys and whether you can trust them or not, YOU CAN! I bought a $4.50 just to test them first and see if I would even get the item. I got it within 30 mins. I placed another HUGE order straight after. Guess what, I had all my items within another 30 mins. Thanks KULA GAMES!"

"Always the best prices and fast delivery"

"Great prices and reliable, thank you!"

"Great service"


"Excellent service"

"Amazing service, quick delivery!! (B)"

"One stop shop for all my Neverwinter needs, fast delivery, good communication and the best prices."

"Speedy, friendly and secure service, am a very happy gamer!"

"Very good customer service"

"So far the best and most friendly Gamer help company i have ever encountered, I will be back !"

This is my go to place, these guys are amazing!! I have bought from them several times and always get my products in a reasonable amount of time. Wish I would have found them sooner! Keep an eye out for the awesome specials they offer

You rock

Website mobile setup is a little difficult to follow and navigate. Otherise kudos. I used to use your stuff from playerauctions. Thanks

Superior service. I won't be using anyone else now.

I have done multiple orders with you guys and your great service and fast delivery are what keep bringing me back.

Customer service is great and delivery is fast! Keep up the great work!!!

Great service.

Thank you for the fast friendly service. Top tier! Will be returning.

Prices on some items are higher than in game. Keep up with market fluctuation.

Plz bring back the offers

Always helpful. Always well priced. Thanks!

Best place ever, they are HONEST and you are guaranteed delivery

G.O.A.T greatest of all time Kula Games! Try it and be amazed

Really happy to keep buying from you guys! Thanks again

No mates.. Just.. Keep doing as is :)

I bought quite a bit off this website, not only was the buying experience very awesome they took very good care of me when I sold some items back to them when I stopped playing. Highly recommend them for both buying and selling.

The only place I buy neverwinter items

Been using Kula for quite a while now. Started at player auctions and now using their personal site a handful of times. Always a pleasure.

You should add the bahpomets talisman and demogorgan girdle as individual items. I have the orcus wand and talisman just need the girdle so it would be handy if you had it.

Everything you guys are doing is perfect I just want to know if y'all will have any holiday sales?

I’m here to stay, you give them a try and you will be too.

Keep up the good work.

Cheaper than any other site! I recommend buying from Kula games!

Awesome Ty

Kula is awesome. not only professional but are able to make feel like family while doing buisness with them. I work 6 days a week and pull 12-14 hour days. I don't have time to donate to the game grinding out RP and other things that would allow me to enjoy the game and see end game content. With the advice they provide I'm able to enjoy the time I'm on and help others complete content as well as enjoy end game dungeons. Kula Games are a awesome group of individuals that helps your gaming experience to be fun and awesome to the fullest!

amazing serivce

just stay reasonable

14.570 gear score from a low 8300. TY Kula.


Kula Games sets the bar for all game vendors. No other does what what Kula does !

just awesome

The greatest service I've used in a long time.

Awesome store

Was not disappointed

Very happy

Very good website, top marks

Thank you

Legit good fast

Great service for items when you don't have the time to invest in farming for them.

as expected, very fast and trusting^^

Love this service after doing the long grind for my first character, having a shortcut for my second helps because I don't have as much time as I used to have to dedicate to the game.

Awesome site and service

Quick delivery fast and easy payment method of PayPal. I've had no issues with Kula Games and will continue to use...

Very happy with the turnaround. Very discreet delivery too. I hope that enchants come down in price once the new mod drops next week.

Il migliore nel campo

Lower than in game prices and great service

Need to have more LVL 13 encharments for Brutal...

Prices need to reflect in-game prices to a point. Some items are unjustifiably expensive to consider buying

Please consider modifying some items' descriptions. My eyes were drawn to Epic stats which negated seeing lesser values. Other than that minor quibble, I'm totally sold on KULA GAMES. Thank you. Here's to a good relationship. : )

Not my first time ordering things here and there. their service is great, and they always deliver within the timeframe stated. I recommend Kula Games 10/10 times!

U guys are cool

You guys are excellent

Again with the slick business ops: Simply exceptional! Thanks again.

Great and friendly support

Ty for great site

Always a great, secure service!

Very fast

Best site ever!!

Excellent service

Friend recommended. Everything has been great so far.

Legit af!!! Love these guys/girls very professional

Keep up the great work, and you have another solid customer. I'll be buying more in the near future!

Not only is KULA games SECURE, but their team is helpful & friendly and help you out with you your build. If your newer to ESO like me, trust their team to make you better!

Highly recommended A++++

Was very kind on chat

Fast and easy delivery

fast transaction and great service

was perfect and fast

Muy buen servicio, bastante rapido.

there was a misunderstanding but they solved it very professional

Pretty fast and good.

faster than expected

very quick delivery

great communication

Buen servicio, me confundí a la hora de comprar, pero se soluciono rápido.

Buen servicio, atentos al cliente

Justo lo que estaba buscando


Nice service


Rapido y Confiable

Buen Servicio

El Mejor Servicio


Fast and good

Really good service

Fast and good service.

Very frindly

Nice people, deliver fast.

Fast and good.

Good products.

Good prices.

You should add skyshard recollection

Good delivery.


Nice services

Really liked your services

You should add lorebooks recollection

Good services,

You should add skyshard and lorebooks recollection

Good and fast service =)

100% recommended

Really recommended.

I really liked your service.

Fast. =)

I really recommend

Very recommended

Add lorebooks harvest.

adds books pickup

Add skyshards pickup

Fast and reliable

Very recommended

Good service

Please add books pickup

Add lorebooks pickup


fast and recommended


Fast service

reliable service

Fast delivery

Reliable people

Nice service

Friendly platform

Fast and nice work

Good place to get services fast

Well done work

Fast service and good people

Good when you have to work and like to only enjoy the game.

Very reliable service

Good work


Fast delivery, really reliabe

100% Recommended

Recommended service

Recommended service for lazy people

Fast and reliable work

friendly and reliable

really recommended people

Amazing work

Amazing work

bst service.

Good prices

amazing website

really like this website, very intuitive


good prices

nice people, good prices

fast service and website

Amazing platform

recommended platform

keep it up

this website its just amazing

Well done

best prices and service

really awesome platform

i would like more services like vma, vdsa for example

please offer services like lorebooks and skyshards pick up in PC NA

good service, keep it up

fair prices, and a good service


nice and recommended

i was scared before, but they are reliable

100% recommended

amazing service

really liked this website

service recommended

you have some friendly prices and people, and one more permanent client

nice job

best prices around

1000% recommended

fast delivery, good prices, what else can you ask

i liked your website

in my bookmarks now

really awesome service

fast and reliable

grat service and prices

would be nice more services in pve endgame, like vdsa, nice prices

fair price

best service, good prices

really recommended

wow, i cant play a lot because of work, nice to have you guys to spare me the long and boring parts

guys, good work, please put more services in pc na

recommended place to get services

i recommend this, good website

you have one more regular costumer now, nice work

i like how friendly and visual attractive is your website, nice work

Top notch service!

enchantment packs including artifacts for specific builds would be a good idea.

fast service

reliable platform

great prices

nice people

good website

friendly people

awesome awesome

best website, really recommended

Amazing service

incredible prices, good work!

perfect service

Excellent people and Amazing prices

really recommended :)

just awesome

Well done

fast delivery

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perfect prices

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Amazing deals

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I like your services, good work

nice prices and website

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add lorebook pickup, good service

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fast delivery, really recommended

Excellent prices

thank you for save me so much time, keep that up

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really amazing job, thanks

incredibly happy with services.

NEVER DISAPPOINT!! Thanks Again Guys!!

You should carry companion packs you get from lock boxes the ones that give you upgrade tokens

Went just as well as it did on the other site but lower cost so even better thanx

Great service

Would be nice if you added world sets for purchase. Like sets in all the guild stores.