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Work For KULA Games

KULA Games is a fast growing business and we need reliable and disciplined people with a keen interest and knowledge of online games. Yes, some people find it hard to believe, but you really can make a full-time career out of your enthusiasm for online games. Let us show you how.

While we have a range of roles that will become available as we grow, we are always on the look-out for 'Deliverers' and 'Game Managers'. As a Deliverer, your responsibility is to make contact with the purchaser of an item to organise a time and place to meet in the game, so that the item can be delivered. It is important that this role is completed quickly, the KULA customer is treated with the utmost respect, and that the customer's needs are fully met. Working for us as a Deliverer enables you to prove to us whether you have what it takes to progress to become a KULA Game Manager, managing all processes related to a game or games.

As a Deliverer, the primary compensation is a percentage commission on all sales that you deliver, and there is no limit to the amount that you can earn. You will also have the opportunity to complete other tasks for a defined payment. Many of our Deliverers have quit their day jobs to work full-time as a KULA Deliverer, because of the financial rewards and life-style rewards. Some start as part-time Deliverers until they understand how rewarding these positions can be. A small number progress from being a KULA Deliverer to becoming a KULA Game Manager.

What is absolutely paramount is that you have a customer service ethos. KULA Games provides goods and services that its customers can get elsewhere. Everything that KULA Games does is focused on ensuring we provide the best possible experience for our customers. We are passionate about that and, as a KULA Deliverer, you will be required to be passionate about KULA customers too.

Whether you are keen to be a Deliverer, or eventually a Game Manager, or have a different skill we could do with, please get in touch. We don't need you to fill out any forms. Just use one of our contact methods - see our Contact page - to get in touch and start the conversation.